True Dating and Love Story

Why do I need dating sites?
First of all, in order to get real reviews from users, fictional stories of love and disappointment, positive and negative experiences, only relevant information about each dating service. The team manually selects and browses popular and not so good dating sites, and then evaluates them according to the following parameters:

  • Free / paid access and functionality
  • Search algorithm
  • Percentage of real profiles
  • Member Information Confidentiality, Data Protection
  • The presence / absence of profiles with immoral content, candid photos
  • Participants behavior, technical support actions

Based on these and other equally important criteria, we draw conclusions that turn into top dating sites. Information about the resources is the most useful, truthful and allows you to create an objective impression. Our dating sites rating is a recommendation. And you make the further decision yourself.

Love Story

I never believed in online dating, considering it a waste of time … But at some point I was tired of fleeting acquaintances, and a friend advised me to register on a dating site.

He met his bride there, so he decided to confide his friend’s word …

It was not! — I thought and filled out a questionnaire.
I, as a newcomer, was all new, did not dare to write to anyone, just looked at the profiles, sighed and closed. Two days after registration, I received a message from Veronica! She immediately remembered me with her warm smile and beautiful bottomless eyes, but I did not dare to write to her.

Now I’m thinking about what would happen if she hadn’t written to me first, and I, as a dumbster, would have missed my happiness !!! From the first message it was immediately clear — we are on the same wavelength! I don’t know whether it is possible to say “love from the first message” … All day we corresponded, I all did not dare to invite her again, you never know, she’s scared … In the evening I regretted that I invited her, she’s not sure, tomorrow maybe she won’t answer me ?! Tormented all night, and the first thing I invited on a date. Nick did not answer for ages, or it seemed to me like forever! In the end, she answered! We agreed on a date — for some reason I had no doubt that it would turn out to be the same as in the photographs in the profile. I was mistaken — it turned out to be millions of times better!

3 main mistakes a newcomer to a dating site
Was it your first time deciding to register on a dating site, hoping to meet a loved one? Please do not repeat these 3 common beginner mistakes that users make when registering on a dating site.

Embellish Reality
Of course, we all want to make a good first impression so that more participants write to you on the dating site. Moreover, most people “cheat” part of their profile, be it age, or weight, or height. Either upload photos of many years ago, or even resort to the magic of Photoshop, so that the waist is slimmer and the face is smoother.

Of course, which photo to put in the questionnaire is your decision. But imagine if all participants will also embellish reality — what will be the disappointment in a real meeting. Sooner or later you will have to show your true face, and even a “white lie” can push you away from your potential life partner.

Too high expectations and requirements
It is because of the high requirements that many resort to embellishment of their profiles. We are all people with our shortcomings, but this does not mean that we are not worthy of love.
Therefore, if you want to meet true love, take a sober approach to assessing your expectations from online dating.
First of all, it concerns preferences in appearance. Of course, everyone dreams of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but in reality, most people fall in love and create a family with a person with whom it is good and interesting to live.